The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories

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Tourism in small island nations such as the Maldives is so intrinsically dependent on the environment, it is in the interests of every operation to conserve, protect, enhance and understand valuable natural resources which underpin most operations. Marine Lab staff taking time out to talk to guests about the local ray population. Photo: Holly Tuppen. My new role as Group Director of Conservation has two aspects: first to strengthen the environmental operations and map the future strategy for conservation and research delivered by Banyan Tree Maldives Marine Labs, and second to create modules to integrate active guest participation into resort conservation efforts across the group.

As a global business with management or ownership interest in 37 resorts in 28 countries, we have the opportunity to gather informative data on multiple ecosystems coral reef, rainforest, mangrove, desert etc. This data can be collected at multiple levels of expertise, involving guests as citizen scientists, and the findings can be accessible and beneficial to the layperson, managers and scientists alike.

In much the same way as private businesses are now driving the exploration of space, business can also help to increase our understanding of the environment here on earth. In this regard, my role is to develop meaningful, quantitative and robust environmental sustainability initiatives in which everyone can participate.

Your appointment is a first for the group and considered quite pioneering for a hotel group — why has Banyan Tree taken this step? What is their motivation? As a socially responsible company, Banyan Tree was founded with the core value of sustainable development. Banyan Tree operates sustainably to the triple bottom line of society, environment and economics.

Green activities within the hospitality industry are increasingly becoming a baseline requirement and sustainability is being incorporated in to business operations to create shared value for business and society. I am excited about establishing our citizen science project, which provides the opportunity for guests to participate in the research being conducted on the health of the reefs and fish populations. Such projects benefit from the support and enthusiasm of visitors who spend so much time in the water, and they have the added benefit of requiring little to no training — just someone in the water and sometimes a camera.

There are many examples of citizen science in action, and there are programs that have been operating in coral reef regions for many years. They can provide valuable information on the status of the reefs, detecting changes such as bleaching, and counts of megafauna such as sharks or endangered fish species can reveal trends in populations over time. For more information on the resorts mentioned above go to www. You must be logged in to post a comment. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Get A Copy. Hardcover , 71 pages. Can the Icehogs stay together or will it be rink vs. Originally published in , by Brady Brady Inc. Frightened of playing a mean and undefeated opposing team, the Icehogs' goalie Chester gets an attack of nerves and goes missing!

It's up to Brady Brady and his team to find their netminder and help him find the courage to face the dreaded Dragoons. Ashley hates getting her hair braided. It looks nice when it's done, but it takes ALL day and Ashley never has time to do anything fun. When Grandma arrives, they turn the tables and braid Mom's hair! With augmented reality, magazine content comes to life! Using fun ways to explore math, science, language, geography, history, music and art beyond the curriculum, this educational magazine engages kids through what they love — their mobile devices. Featuring articles on current science trends and tech gadgets, great books to read, contests, ideas and experiments to try at home, this is cool learning!

This fully interactive magazine offers extra digital content for kids to read, listen to and watch with the use of a mobile device and the free Blippar app. Offering a multi-sensory journey, fusing digital and print media in a dynamic and compelling way, this magazine allows kids to explore topics such as space, Earth sciences, biology, math and technology on a deeper level. When an ice storm snaps a small girl's favourite branch from the tree in her yard, she's crestfallen. Her neighbour, Mr. And so, with imagination and Mr.

Frank's guidance and tools, the girl transforms the branch into something new, giving it another purpose, and her another place to treasure! This book encourages young readers to discover the world of trees. Profiling 11 different trees from around the world, including familiar ones such as the red maple as well as lesser-known trees like the tall-stilted mangrove, it highlights the many complex ways trees are part of our society, culture and economy.

The symbiotic relationship between trees and animals is also explored. In his daydreams, Jensen is a hero, saving his friends and the world daily. But in his middle school reality, everything is hard — from math to friendships. Can Jensen find real solutions to his real-life problems?

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What does it mean to be brave? This is the sequel to Awkward. Join Chris, Wallow, Beth and Danny, four year-old heroes-for-hire, as they travel through the galaxy helping those who need it Enjoy these brand new missions as the Bravest Warriors go solo! From little Beth, to poor choices regarding werewolves and magic, the Bravest Warriors have never been more helpful Eleven-year-old Parvana lives in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

When her father is arrested, conditions grow desperate for her family. Forbidden to earn money as a girl, Parvana must transform herself into a boy, and become the breadwinner. This 15th-anniversary edition includes a new cover, a foreword, a map and an updated author's note. Hockey is a very popular sport around the world.

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But how and where did hockey originate? When was hockey first added to the Olympics? Have women and girls always played? In this book, these and many more questions are answered for hockey fans. Before her mother leaves. Before her sister betrays her. The determination to find love and comfort that lures Faith to drugs is the same force that can drive her to recover. This book highlights the achievements of Canadian women's sports stars and their fight for the right to compete in sports traditionally dominated by men.

Proving that women's sports are just as competitive and exciting to watch as men's, this book focuses on seven sports and the women who made them their own. It only takes one: one coral gamete to start a colony, one person to make a difference, one idea to change the world. The ongoing effort to save and rebuild the world's coral reefs is the living legacy of Ken Nedimyer, founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation. This book is a tribute to the wonders of nature and the power of human hope.

The American alligator, which escaped extinction 65 million years ago, was nearly wiped out in the marshes and swamps of Louisiana and Florida in the last century. Today, it is thriving. This insightful book tells the story of how government protection, habitat preservation and a campaign to reduce the demand for alligator products helped bring back this fierce-looking predator. The survival of the giant panda depends on the survival of its only food: bamboo. Habitat loss from the destruction of bamboo forests in south central China where it lives made the giant panda a vulnerable species.

This book tells how habitat conservation and the creation of borrowing-and-breeding programs with zoos around the world have kept this beloved bear from extinction. Humpback whales are a true ecological success story. Readers will be enthralled by the story of these masters of the deep, listed as endangered in Protected by an international ban on hunting all whales in , the humpback recovered so well it was no longer listed as endangered in most of the world by The only remaining wild population of whooping cranes breeds in Canada and winters in the United States.

Explore the fascinating story of its recovery — a tale of cross-border cooperation and the work of a team of international biologists. Readers will be able to chart their course and determine the elements of this successful recovery plan. Nothing takes the place of splashing in a puddle or jumping into a pile of autumn leaves. Along with the mud and sand that get tracked indoors come memories that live forever! Mary McKenna Siddals has written a joyous anthem that celebrates playing in sunshine, puddles, leaves and snow — and the treasures that get collected along the way.

An ode to outdoor play. This riveting prequel to the Malediction trilogy takes readers back to the world of Trollus. Except being together may turn out to be the greatest risk of all. The year is , and seven children from England embark on a summer sailing adventure in British Columbia. They soon discover the true story of Brother XII, a shadowy figure who is rumoured to have buried treasure on one of the coastal islands. Their vacation turns into a treasure hunt — but will they find the loot before a band of pirates does?

Britain has blockaded the fortress, and supplies for the 4, inhabitants are running short. The young men are sent on scouting missions that provide valuable information about the British troops. This is the tale of two wolf cubs found and raised in a village on the Pacific coast as human children. The wolf cub brothers are very different from one another. They undergo a supernatural transformation that turns one into a Sea Wolf and the other into a Timber Wolf. Although separated, their howling voices unite monthly, waking up Moon and saving the world from darkness. This child-friendly volume is a wonderful introduction to an iconic Canadian artist.

Includes a preface by the late Ted Harrison and many beautiful full-colour reproductions of his artwork. A dog who likes to play by the rules meets a hedgehog who knows no limits! But when the small, prickly creature says he is a pirate — and that Buddy is a pirate, too — the two mismatched friends are off on a grand adventure. Buddy tries to explain the ins and outs of babydom to Earl, but neither of them is prepared for the havoc the small creature will wreak!

Buddy and Earl, transformed into superheroes Wonder Buddy and Super Earl, come face to face with the new neighbours, Mister the bulldog and Snowflake, a fluffy white cat. When Snowflake slips from a branch while showing off to an admiring Buddy, Super Earl flies into action to save the day… and the cat. Buffy Sainte-Marie is a singer-songwriter, visual artist, activist, educator, public speaker and philanthropist.

An orphan from a reserve in Saskatchewan, Sainte-Marie has become an international icon. Although she has experienced censorship because of her vocal activism against war and on behalf of native peoples, she continues to create music and art, speak out and support life-long learning through educational and scholarship programs. A bug flies into a house Sucked into a vacuum bag, this little bug moves through the five stages of grief — cleverly illustrated as household products — as it comes to terms with its fate.

Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel? Will there be dust bunnies in the void? This title is also available in French as La mouche dans l'aspirateur.

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When you use digital technology, you are part of a community of digital users called digital citizens. This engaging title helps readers find out how to use digital resources responsibly to build knowledge, answer questions, solve problems and demonstrate their learning to others. Accessible text and authentic examples model effective research strategies and support readers as they learn. However, after an incident in the schoolyard, the principal makes him an ambassador at an upcoming open house. Now Daniel must work with Jeff Kover, the nastiest bully in the school.

Hanging out with Jeff will change Daniel's perspective on bullying and force him to examine his own behaviour. Kids deal with bullying in its many forms on a daily basis. This newly revised and updated title includes resources, checklists, quizzes and comics to give kids the know-how to deal with bullying — as targets, witnesses or even bullies themselves.

An engaging approach to a complex and all-too-common problem. Originally published in , by James Lorimer Our Choice Thirteen-year-old Chris and his family are building a bungee jump off a conduit connecting his backyard to a family-owned island. But rumours of hauntings on the island, once the site of a hospital for children with leprosy, are getting out of control.

And there are mysterious mishaps on the bridge; if the bungee jump isn't a success, his family will lose everything. Lavinia the badger loves vegetables and tends her garden with care, but one morning she discovers that her lettuce, her potatoes and her beans have disappeared! Lavinia sets a trap and catches the thief, a bunny who promises to reward her if she lets him go. A rhyming romp of a tale about a badger and a band of bunnies.

This poignant picture book is based on the true story of a police horse named Bunny and his riders, brothers Bud and Tom Dundas, who were sent to the European front in World War I. This quiet, powerful tale explores many of the hardships soldiers endured, but by focusing on the tender relationship between Bunny and the brothers, the author makes the grim details easier for young readers to absorb. This title is also available in French as Bunny, cheval de guerre. Lydia is a kindly maternal mouse who has taken Burt in, loving him unconditionally.

Together Burt and Lydia tell a heart-touching tale of home and belonging from two different perspectives. Busy Baby can play, share, paint and help clean up. Whatever Busy Baby does, the most important thing is to make some new friends along the way.

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This simple, interactive book features a swivelling head so that Busy Baby can show a happy or sad expression, keeping the very youngest readers busy reading, playing and learning. This little book, packed with facts and beautiful full-colour photographs, takes children on a fascinating journey into the world of butterflies.

Young readers will learn about the parts of a butterfly, the differences between butterflies and moths, the butterfly life cycle and the different families of butterflies. Children are encouraged to help protect butterfly habitats by building butterfly gardens. When a little girl moves to a new town, she finds a place called Butterfly Park. But when she opens the gate, there are no butterflies. Determined to lure the butterflies in, she inspires her entire town to help.

Soon the butterflies — and the girl — feel right at home. Luminous paper-cut illustrations and an enchanting story encourage community, friendship and wonderment at the beauty of everyday life. Dekker and his sister Riley are living with their weird great-aunt in Button Hill for the summer. Dekker discovers an old grandfather clock with a skull face and he inadvertently opens a door between Dayside, land of the living, and Nightside, realm of the dead. Then Riley disappears, and Dekker learns that to save her he must follow her into Nightside and make a difficult sacrifice.

In this colourful board book, the search for a lost button takes a little girl on an adventure to a store filled with buttons. This charming story shows toddlers how imagination and creativity can make anything possible. The lilting text makes for a great read-aloud, while every page provides an opportunity to explore both numbers and colours. In , the Edict of Expulsion is signed, giving all Jews three months to leave Spain.

Joseph, 12, escapes to Portugal with his parents and younger sister, Gracia. Clancy, the family's lovable chocolate Lab, has disappeared and Kenzie starts to hear stories about other dogs going missing. Then Kenzie finds Clancy's ID tag and a van loaded up with dog food. With the help of Gayle, a courageous schoolmate whose dog has also disappeared, Kenzie uncovers an illegal operation that grabs dogs off the street and turns them into bloodthirsty killers. Years later, Roa, married to Dax and now Queen, has one chance to save her sister… all she has to do is kill the king.

Caillou is bullied at daycare by a much bigger and stronger boy named Theo. Sometimes, Theo uses his strength to get what he wants. Caillou is afraid of him. In this story, Caillou learns to stand up for himself and say no to bullying. Feeling like a big kid, Caillou packs a school bag and is off to first grade. He likes recess, lunch hour and drawing on the blackboard, but not all the bells and rules! With the help of his friend Sarah, Caillou makes his first snowman. The snow is perfect, but Caillou lacks experience. Sarah proves to be a very patient teacher.

They finish with a delicious snack made by Mommy, and Caillou makes sure the snowman is not left out! This title is also available in French as Caillou et le bonhomme de neige. Caillou has a busy day playing outside and getting dirty. Now it's bath time! Splashing in the tub turns out to be just as much fun as playing in the garden. Now Caillou is all clean, at least until tomorrow! Caillou is confused when Emma is allowed to have extra snacks at preschool until he learns that Emma has type 1 diabetes.

Caillou worries and tries to protect her. But when Emma outruns him in a race, Caillou realizes that Emma is managing her diabetes and still having lots of fun, just like other kids. But soon, the evening turns into an indoor camping adventure, complete with marshmallows roasted in the fireplace. Caillou is especially delighted when he gets to sleep by the hearth in his sleeping bag. This title is also available in French as Caillou: La panne de courant. The alphabet soup is much too hot! Daddy thinks of a learning game to help Caillou wait for it to cool off.

Young readers can learn all the letters of the alphabet along with Caillou. Each letter is illustrated with a variety of words and pictures. Have some fun with a game of alphabet soup! Grab your carry-along book and discover the world with your friend Caillou. Packed with illustrations from Caillou's universe and a wide variety of words organized by theme, this book will help young ones expand their vocabulary. Children will learn the words to designate animals, objects around the house, colours and much more. Kateiko doesn't want to be Rin anymore — not if it means sacrificing lives to protect the dead.

The Banyan Tree - 15 Value-Based Stories

Her only way out is to join another tribe. Killing a colonial soldier and falling for Tiernan isn't part of the plan. Now she must choose between leaving Tiernan or abandoning others to die and decide what's worth dying — or killing — for. After being shipwrecked, Christopher wakes up alone in Devonshire, his memories gone. He learns about dark events — children disappearing without a trace. Villagers fear the White Lady is stealing the children to consume their souls. Calvin has always known his fate was linked to the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. As the hallucinations persist, Calvin struggles to regain control of his own mind and destiny — with one grand, incredible adventure.

Will Cammie learn why she was abandoned and be able to start her new life? Or will she find more secrets? Can she ever put the past behind her? Max knows his mom can't afford to send him to summer camp, but he really needs a break from looking after his autistic brother, Duncan. When his mom says that he can go after all, there's a catch. There are spots available at the camp for families with special needs, and Max could attend at no charge — if he goes as Duncan's companion.

Irene Latham, who is white, and Charles Waters, who is black, use this fictional set-up to delve into different experiences of race in a relatable way. This remarkable collaboration invites readers to join the dialogue by putting their own words to their experiences. This book explores how and where clothes are made, how the people who make the clothes are treated and how the companies who sell the clothes affect the health of our planet. Follow the book's guide to spending your money in a responsible and eco-friendly way — your outfits have more power than you realize!

A 21st-century activist's guide for anyone who has access to a smartphone. This how-to manual looks at specific ways you can create social change through the tap of a screen. Filled with examples of successful hashtag campaigns, viral videos and new socially conscious apps, the book provides practical advice for using your smartphone as a tool for social justice. From zero degrees and one flag to 10 sled dogs and 25 fishing boats, the youngest readers will delight in counting their way across Canada!

Paul Covello's brilliantly bold artwork counts up all things Canada and Canadian in this board book that will be enjoyed by readers young and old. From the author of the beloved Canada ABC. From A is for Arctic to Z is for Zamboni , Paul Covello's gloriously bright and detailed board book for the very young highlights Canada's iconic symbols, animals and events.

Cheery scenes of Canadiana include dogsledding, outdoor hockey and celebrating Canada Day, while Canadian symbols such as the inuksuk, the loonie and a totem pole are vibrantly depicted. From the author of the beloved Toronto ABC. The music to this soothing lullaby is available online at babylullaby. Take a tour of Canada's fascinating history!

This timely title highlights a milestone for every year from Confederation in , up to our Sesquicentennial in O Canada! Along with featured stories, the pages are filled with short biographies, important firsts, quotes and trivia. This is a compelling snapshot of the people, places and events that have shaped our country — one year at a time.

Partly a geography lesson and partly a socio-cultural journey, this charmingly illustrated volume is chock-full of fascinating Canadiana and brimming with extension activity possibilities. An exploration of what it is to be uniquely Canadian! Threats to biodiversity, such as invasive species, loss of habitat due to agricultural chemicals, mining waste, overfishing and hydroelectric dams are examined.

Every Canada Day, monsters from each province and territory based on Canadian folklore and First Nations legends gather for a picnic. The monsters play games like swamp hockey and eat blackfly pie and banana slug sundaes. How does a beaver warn of danger? Where do walruses like to live? This lively poem will engage youngsters as it introduces them to a variety of Canadian animals, their habits and their habitats.

Mixed-media illustrations with vibrant colours will delight readers young and old. Candyville is ruled by the Juicy Jelly Worm, who leaves a daily path of sugary destruction for the children to repair. And the candy? They never get even a bite! Together the children sow a delicious plot to tempt the Juicy Jelly Worm — can they spark the sweetest trade ever?

In an ode to Newfoundland weather, this is the story of Kate, who is eager for summer to begin, but whose plans for bonfires and picnics are squelched by relentless rain, drizzle and fog.

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Doody captures perfectly the long pause that Newfoundlanders know so well as they await the capelin small food fish whose arrival is said to signal the return of summer. Monty the Malodorous is a daring pirate. He is brave! He is bold! But when his crew jump in the ocean for their Saturday scrub, Monty stays on deck bellowing, "Real pirates don't bathe!

So, what or who will it take for this putrid pirate to take the plunge? Readers will discover that the natural element, carbon, is found in all living things, including people. Detailed diagrams and an experiment help explain photosynthesis, respiration and how human activities can disrupt the cycle's balance. All the birds tease old Crow for his scraggly feathers and harsh call, especially proud Cardinal. But when Cardinal gets into trouble, only Crow is smart enough to get him out.

Will Crow choose to help the boastful bird? This thoughtful picture book reminds us all that pride and foolishness often go hand in hand, or in this case, "claw in claw. Twenty years ago, Carey Price was flying kilometres across British Columbia in his father's plane so he could play on the nearest organized hockey team. Today, he is one of the most recognizable figures in hockey! Throughout his incredible career, Carey has taken every opportunity to encourage all young people, especially those who share his Indigenous background, to follow their dreams. Canada is a multicultural society that benefits from its ethnic diversity.

This book explores Caribbean immigration to Canada both historically and now. Barriers to immigration and Canadian immigration policy are discussed. Readers learn about life in Canada for immigrants from the many different Caribbean islands and countries, and the racism and discrimination that many continue to face. In this hint-and-reveal board book, babies and toddlers will enjoy discovering and guessing what breed of cat is hiding on the next page. Playful rhyming text and inviting illustrations combine to create a fun reading experience for cat lovers of all ages!

Annie and her dog Carson, who live in Tofino, British Columbia, are setting out to visit her sister in Newfoundland. There they are greeted by Elsie — with a special surprise for Carson! Tank and Fizz go snout to snout with the ancient dragon, Firebane Drakeclaw!

Thieves have stolen the Crown of Peace and Tank and Fizz saw the whole thing. Now the detectives must track down the thieves and find the crown, or their whole class will become dinner for one very hungry dragon! Third-grade detective Myron and his detective partner, Hajrah, have their work cut out for them. Multiple suspects and a tight deadline have the West Meadows Detectives scrambling to figure out who is behind this case of maker mischief before time runs out.

But the case leads to a mysterious hacker who threatens all the monsters of Rockfall Mountain. With the help of their wizard-in-training partner, Aleetha, Tank and Fizz dodge deadly battle bots and sinister spell books in a race to stop an angry ancient demon. Myron, the third-grade detective, gets the chance to crack a third case when Hajrah discovers the school garden has been trampled and the strawberry plants are missing. Are raccoons to blame?

Did the baseball team sabotage the garden to take back their outfield? When neighbourhood gardens are also found short of strawberries, Myron and Hajrah are on the case. The Wollstonecraft Girls have a new case! A famous dinosaur-fossil hunter is being blackmailed, forced to authenticate fake dinosaur bones to get her beloved dog back. Working fast, Ada and Mary must track down the fossil fakers, find the dog and save the integrity of science! This quirky caper involves an asthmatic pug, smoke bombs, diabolical disguises and wicked wordplay.

When Shadow Tower professors disappear, it's up to monster sleuths Tank and Fizz to solve the mystery and find the missing mages. Using detective skills, a pinch of magic and a trickle of technology, the friends stumble into a dangerous battle. Can Tank and Fizz overcome their fears and track down the missing mages before the black magic makes them disappear for good? Lady Ada Byron, 11, is an awkward, mildly rude genius. Mary Godwin, 14, is an adventurous, kind romantic. Together they form the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency — a secret constabulary for the apprehension of clever criminals.

Their first case involves a stolen heirloom, a false confession and an array of fishy suspects. Ada's grandmother has shut down the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency — until they get a royal case! The princess Alexandrina Victoria, age nine, has only one thing of her own — a sketchbook she uses as a secret diary. And that sketchbook has disappeared. This clandestine case will involve breaking into Kensington Palace and uncovering a host of surprising royal secrets. Meet Myron: a third-grader whose unique perspective from the autism spectrum makes him a top-notch sleuth.

But when the school kitchen is burgled, Myron is on the case! Helping him are his classmates from Resource Room 15, whose creative problem-solving skills and unique talents come in handy! Fourteen-year-old Ava is thrilled to land the role of Lily in a play based on the true story of orphans sent to Canada in the s. But as rehearsal pressures rise, Ava struggles with her character, with the demands of a professional production and with the annoying ego of a cast mate. Then one bad decision jeopardizes Ava's chances of being able to perform.

On Israel's West Bank, a hungry stray cat sneaks into a small Palestinian house that has just been commandeered by two Israeli soldiers for surveillance. The house appears to be empty, until the cat realizes that a little boy is hiding beneath the floorboards. Should she help him? After all, she's just a cat.

Or is she? Miri and Lucy have a dilemma. Their dad's been turned into a cat, and their closet is a garden full of goblins. There is only one thing for them to do — grab their friend Phil the frog and dive headfirst into a wild, woolly and wacky adventure. In this visually engaging book, a duck and a mouse go on a wild adventure, Tim the cat golfs on a whale and paints, and a girl named Connie goes through her day in a mechanical house!

Every page is an adventure to be pored over again and again in this whimsical collection of mostly wordless comics for the young reader. In this short, fast-paced novel, Pat and his friends are being hassled for skateboarding on the street. Cathy is a talented young artist growing up in tiny Mariners Cove, yearning for acceptance. Her struggle with literacy is impeding her dream of enrolling in art school. Hutch is everything Cathy is not: charismatic, popular, smart.

But, one icy evening, his world is upended and his plans for the future are swept away. A story of the power of human connection and overcoming circumstances. Kind-hearted Piujuq loves to take walks on the tundra surrounded by butterflies. One day, a stranger asks for a favour and Piujuq obliges. That kindness leaves Piujuq stuck in the body of a caterpillar.

Thinking no one could love her now and afraid of frightening her family, Piujuq lives a lonely life on the tundra. Until the day another stranger appears Ryan finds freedom in the water, where he isn't bound by gravity and his wheelchair. He never imagined he'd become a hero by saving a schoolmate from drowning. For Jack, water promises a more permanent escape from being dogged by rumours about his sexuality.

He's terrified about coming out. Ryan saves Jack's life, but also keeps his secret… and their friendship leads them in unexpected directions. Adult and child readers will learn all about cats together in this new co-reader from National Geographic Kids! From where cats live to how they communicate, readers will learn all about their favourite furry felines, both wild and tame.

Co-readers are a perfect shared reading experience for the youngest readers and a parent, caregiver or sibling! Did you know a Canadian invented basketball? Do you know who won the first NBA championship? When did the WNBA start? Find out all about the history of the game of basketball in this jam-packed title. Jake Burnett is attending a prestigious prep school to pursue his hoop dreams. But things aren't as advertised at the school, and Jake finds himself struggling both on and off the court. He plays harder and ignores the warning signs until he discovers that the head coach is a scam artist, putting kids at risk for his own gain.

Now Jake faces a difficult choice — advance his basketball career or do the right thing. Ironheart and the Unstoppable Wasp join the Champions! The team has grown, but the mission stays the same — fighting to make the world a better place. The Champions are pushed beyond their limits with an icy Antarctic adventure that will challenge everything they believe in!

Don't miss this first chapter of a new era of Champions — and the birth of a brand new hero! In , a young African American, Lanier Phillips, tried to escape the racism and segregation of his home by joining the navy. But tragedy struck one February night off the coast of Newfoundland, and Lanier was the lone Black survivor of a terrible shipwreck. This title uses the principles of Makerspace to introduce readers to the properties of liquids and solids, and how these properties change between states of matter.

Readers are then provided with strategies to start their own creative projects, using the scientific ideas they have learned. Tips and hints encourage kids to brainstorm and solve problems working as a team. Charlie and his dad follow their neighbours through the local park to a big pile of dirt! Martino tells Charlie about all the neighbourhood gardens and the delicious vegetables they grow.

Charlie is determined to become a gardener as well — and grow something special to make Mr. Chipper is on the run from a sinister organization determined to bury the truth about what he really is. Jeff is a year-old orphan living with his unkind aunt and working at her fishing camp. When Chipper and Jeff's paths collide, they find themselves tangled up in a dangerous game of chase.

Can Chipper keep them both alive? Chemists study matter and its properties, helping to produce a wide variety of things, from medicines we use to the chairs we sit on and the vehicles we drive. Find out how chemists apply scientific principles in the real world as they work to understand substances and their uses. This compelling book examines the many fields of work made possible because of chemistry. Forced from Vancouver and now the Kootenays, her family is moving east to Ontario. There, another small town and another bully await Michiko. One bright spot is that she is a hit at tryouts for the local baseball team.

This celebration of the Chicago Blackhawks, one of the revered "Original Six" NHL teams, provides a detailed history from their beginnings in , through their six Stanley Cup wins, as well as various ownership and home rink changes. This book features appealing historic and contemporary images, and mixes informative text with quick-reference infographic charts for statistics buffs. He copes by making lists, itemizing every aspect of his life. But as the pressure of a potential romance and being on the school debate team builds, his listing compulsion starts to feel impossible to control… or conceal.

Each child-friendly issue features interactive stories, puzzles, animal facts, engaging fiction, unique crafts and science experiments, providing hours of entertainment — whether read alone or with the help of an adult. Meet the animal of the month, try Dr. Each month features a fun theme, engaging fiction and science experiments, providing hours of enjoyment. This fun-filled magazine satisfies its young readers' insatiable thirst for knowledge and appetite for humour while acknowledging the growing independence of primary-aged children.

Each month, this child-friendly magazine features interactive stories, puzzles, animal facts, unique crafts, engaging fiction and science experiments, which provide hours of enjoyment, whether read alone or with the help of an adult. Each issue features a fun theme, engaging fiction, science experiments, crafts, comics, thought-provoking facts and fascinating articles. Each month, this child-friendly magazine features interactive stories, puzzles, animal facts, unique crafts, engaging fiction and science experiments — all of which educate and entertain, whether read alone or with the help of an adult.

Each month, this child-friendly magazine features interactive stories, puzzles, animal facts, unique crafts, engaging fiction and science experiments that provide hours of enjoyment, whether read alone or with the help of an adult. But when she opens the book, the story, about the Cree chief Mistahimaskwa, comes alive.

The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories
The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories
The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories
The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories
The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories
The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories The Banyan tree: 15 value-based stories

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