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Nutraceuticals in India: A Challenging Opportunity

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Data is taken from Tracxn Platform as on January 10, Stage: Public Albion Laboratories , Clearfield Manufactures mineral ingredients for plant and human nutrition industry Stage: Acquired Balchem , New Hampton Manufactures nutraceutical ingredients for human and animal nutrition products Stage: Public Clover Corporation , Melbourne Manufactures a range of nutraceutical ingredients Stage: Public Equip Super Also has effective anti-aging properties Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium improve intestinal microflora and aid better digestive abilities. They help to prevent diarrhea, other gastrointestinal infections, irritable bowel syndrome, and other inflammatory bowel disease Beta glucan is a soluble fiber that soaks up the cholesterol in our digestive system and help Reduce the amounts of 'bad' LDL cholesterol in the body Reduces the risk of many kinds of cancers, cholesterol and risk of coronary heart disease, chances of osteoporosis.

Known for their cholesterol lowering ability. Prevent or delay heart disease and related complications, cataracts and macular degeneration, prostate and other cancers.

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Retard the aging process. Boost immune function. Promote healing of burns, eczema, skin problems. Helps prevent night blindness and other eye problems, skin disorders, enhance immunity, protects against toxins and cancer formations, colds, flu, and infections. Beta-carotene is also a powerful antioxidant and helps guard against cancer and CVD. Used to treat fevers, and to protect against infection or illness. It has also been used to boost the immune system, improve memory, and to promote overall wellness. Very effective in reducing inflammation, treating tumors, decreasing stress and as an antioxidant.

Licenses Though new FSSA promises to simplify Licensing and Registration processes for nutraceuticals, the actual process vary depending on number of parameter To get the product registered in India, number of licenses almost will be required depending on the actual product status like Whether company wants to sell bulk drug or finished formulation Whether company is importing finished product or bulk ingredient?

Whether product to be imported is with or without India specific label Regulatory Perspective of Nutraceuticals in India 6. Whether the company has packaging license? Whether it requires manufacturing license? Whether it requires marketing license? Number of documents will have to be furnished by the food importer to the government authority along with registration application dossiers.

Interlink through its regulatory product offerings provides regulatory support for following licensing procedures which need to be taken care o f b e f o r e launching these products in India. Health and label claims Developing health and label claims specific to Indian regulatory guidelines is the major element to be focused while entering Indian market.

International as well as national clients have number of questions about Indian labeling and packaging requirements Packing of consignment Need for sample material and declaration for registration Composition of consigntment and approach for the same Label contend Structure-function claim and label claim Based on the results of regulatory assessment of the product, India specific label content and claims are developed. The requirements to be met to make specific product claims Conclusion Globalization of the nutraceutical and functional food industry presents significant challenges to stakeholders, not the least of which is the regulatory variance between countries active in the marketplace.

Nutraceuticals are playing crucial role in developments of future therapeutics but it depends on control of purity, efficacy and safety. Hence, when any new entrant wants to enter Indian nutraceutical market, it is very important to comply with regulatory framework so that business is run smoothly. Our customers acknowledge when ordering that Interlink publications are for our customers' internal use and not for general publication or disclosure to third parties No part of any Interlink publication report, position paper or white paper may be given, lent, resold, or disclosed to third parties without written permission.

Please contact Interlink at the address below for further details. Usage and distribution of extra copies are subject to the same terms and conditions as the initial report. For further information, please contact: Interlink Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Despite consolidation of all food laws in a single legislation Food Safety and Standards Act, , the confusion exists in the minds of new entrants as well as existing players as regards regulatory requirements for Nutraceuticals, health supplements, functional foods. The regulatory white paper on the subject is a commendable step by Interlink and the crisp, precise information will be value addition and guide to the manufacturers, marketers and distributors.

Get a boost through strategy, competency development and transformational insights for sustainable business performance.

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To add value to your business, contact Ms. Read Free For 30 Days. Regulatory Prespective Nutraceuticals Whitepaper Dec Description: www. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Canadian Product Licenses for Dietary Supplements.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Executive Summary Nutraceuticals, defined as any food or part of food which provides health benefits including prevention or treatment of disease, have emerged as a necessity for consumers in developed as well as developing countries.

Nutraceutical ingredients Developing nations like India, China and Brazil have emerged as key sourcing destinations for agri-based raw materials, while Europe has evolved into a Regulatory Perspective of Nutraceuticals in India Exhibit 1 : Global nutraceutical market ROW Beta glucan Phytoestrogens Tocopherols Beta-carotene Ashwagandha 2. The regulatory white paper on the subject is a commendable step by Interlink and the crisp, precise information will be value addition and guide to the manufacturers, marketers and distributors Mr.

Supplement your Nutraceutical Business with Interlink Expertise Get a boost through strategy, competency development and transformational insights for sustainable business performance To add value to your business, contact Ms. Regulatory Perspective of Nutraceuticals in India. Mike Track. Rahul Jain.

2011 Canadian Supplement Awards - Creatine Supplement Of The Year

Compliance Global Inc. Virginia Jawa. Anonymous utfuIcn. Yant RUma Butar. Vicente D. Limsan Jr. Shuhaib MD. Yusvii Vidhega. Mohd Farhan Md Ariffin.

Tracxn - Nutraceuticals Startup Landscape

Gabriela Milla. Deepika Bharti. Interlink Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Launching Dietary Supplements Successfully in India. Branding Marketing Practices Successful Insight Popular in Culture. Faith Boone. Independent Evaluation at Asian Development Bank. Babilonia Cruz. Kevin H A Noel. Akoun Joseph.

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Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011 Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011
Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011 Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011
Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011 Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011
Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011 Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011
Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011 Nutraceuticals World Dec 2011

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