Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city

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In this part of the city a great number of old str Two examples of tantalizing questions will be answered: How is it possible to read w A riot of photographs and interviews demonstrates why Melbourne is considered a global capital for stencil graffiti All across Japan, parents come up with unique ways to bring attention to their children's lunch boxes. And what better way to make children eat than to turn their midday meals into a cartoon? With Face Food, Christopher D Salyers documents the very real phenomenon of crafting food into visually crea I have seen no facts or reason offered by 'progressives' here or on any of their propaganda outlets.

You just don't notice because you spend your days in a ConservaTard bubble inhaling your own feces. Rygg, is it because VD is a typical Hezbollah Progressive that he is obsessed about excrement or is there other reasons? Ovomit is the biggest fraud ever. Hang him high I ignore VD. Physorg is a "propaganda outlet" now, ryggie? Kochevnik you have to understand that propaganda is not so much what you print as much as it is what you don't print. If you heavily favor one side of a agenda you become a "propaganda outlet" and cease being a news outlet.

Such was the case with Somalia's government, which did more harm to its citizens than good. The rightwing, conservative, teaparty, wingnuts, fruits and cakes really never think anything through except how it will effect themselves. Everyone knows that a progressive will get more done in a shorter time with community support, over the rightwing who try to exclude the community. Everyone knows that a progressive will get more done in a shorter time with community support, Typical. Socialists always blame their failures on the wrong leader. What does a 'progressive' want to 'get done'?

Before the 'progressive' era, individuals created mutual aid societies to 'get things' done. Trouble is, they were quite successful without govt coercion.

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Eventually, guilds, like medical doctors, used state laws to prohibit doctros from working in successful mutual aid hospitals. And what we have now is govt run doctors that are expensive and provide bad care. In , a number of state medical boards formed the Federation of State Medical Boards, which accepted the AMA's ratings of medical schools as authoritative. Jun 22, R2, everyone knows there is nothing dumber than a freaking republican. Your libertaria-con-job is nothing but BS. Same old. I've never seen a Libertarian community activist. In fact, I never met a libertarian that wasn't all wrapped up in their own self importance.

If you want to know, the labor movement the lefties and it's efforts have done more to improve America's capabilities, strengths and economy than anything ever, EVER put forth by republicans, libertarians or the neo-con anarchist that you seem to be. It was labor that "created mutual aid societies to 'get things' done.

Or bitch sessions about Obama-care or any number of useless discussion points. It's either that or they have a social agenda the de-humanizes everyone with the least bit of sympathy to family on food stamps, black or white! Are these people animals? He needs to get back on his meds. In the U. As has been well documented, for decades, the stated Republican and Libertarian plan has been to bankrupt America. Fortunately they are a dying breed and this TeaPublican nonsense is their last kick at the can before they expire.

America will be vastly better off when they are 6 feet under. That is why everyone here considers you a moron. Despite your self imposed ignorance, reality persists. And so do I. Typical of socialists, aka 'progressives'. Johnson appeared on a panel of black conservatives Friday night on Fox News' "Hannity" and emphasized that she was more conservative than Republican because the Tea Party primarily influenced her political beliefs. The 'progressive' way, break the law.

They feared a repeat in that would lose them the White House. Might targeting the tea-party groups—diverting them, keeping them from forming and operating—seem a shrewd campaign strategy in the years between and ? In reality Progressives abhor freedom since true freedom includes the right for some to succeed and others to fail on their own merits.

They do not view freedom as fair and must do everything in their power snuff it out whenever it rears it's ugly head. What 'progressives' have wrought: "Economic reality, such as Detroit's shrinking population and tax base, does impose a limit: Once all the blood is squeezed from the stone, you are unsecured. These 10 are facing the kind of serious financial stress that sent Stockton and several other cities toward bankruptcy.

Racist 'liberals': "The most dangerous place for an African Ameircan is in the womb. X0SO8ipg Byrd was a 'progressive'. Jun 23, Byrd changed his ways, and not coincidentally he changed parties. I suggest you look up Strom Thurmond. He was a racist until the end but switched from the Democrats to the Republicans during the Civil Rights movement.

I wonder why. When did Byrd switch parties? I suggest you look up Artur Davis and Elbert L. Guillory from Louisiana. Nice image, ryggie. No, the most dangerous place for anyone to be is under the care of a crazy libertarian. Shouldn't the IRS be targeting the legions of Republicans who claim they have no legal obligation to pay taxes, for investigation? Rational people think they should. Why don't Repubicans who claim they don't pay taxes? Detroit is just a dying city that put it's faith in the viability of the U.

Capitalists are inherently untrustworthy and dishonest. Orr is just another Republican who refuses to pay his debts. That is the Republican plan for America as well. Cut and Run from the massive debts they have created. Blame others for their own borrow and spend folly. Their plan is known as "Starve the Beast". RyggTard fails to post the following from his own link He seems to specifically not regard African-Americans as worthy of any consideration at all. Why did RyggTard leave those lines out of a 4 paragraph piece? Because his goal is misrepresentation. And again from RyggTard's own link.

There is a limit to the number of stupid old Republican white men in America. The TeaPublican party fell flat on it's face during the last election cycle, and despite the "Ra-Ra" of RyggTards article from Conservative Bubble land, reality is defined by real events. And those events from the last election cycle were the political defeat of a very large number of TeaPublicans who had been voted into office just a few years before. The Electorate realized that they had voted a Extremist Republican Moron into office and he was promptly removed.

He earned my respect as a result. Did he earn yours?

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Another defeat for American Conservatives Exodus International had billed itself as the oldest Christian ministry devoted to the practice of trying to shame gay people into changing their sexual orientation. Jun 24, Of course R2 goes all nuclear about Detroit and it's decent into economic turmoil from the W.

Bush admin and the typical republican lack of concern to dehumanizing vast infrastructures by the unregulated pull out of capital from a thriving city. California BTW, is doing fine fruitcake. Remind Detroit and California, which is controlled by govt unions. You know, only a real ALEC pocket pussy would complain about govt unions which have be a solid foundation of government trust between the people and it's citizenry for a century or more. It is ridiculous to blame labor when the only issue is corporations lack of duty to it's citizenry, place and environment to provide accommodation of a few cents to shareholders.

Something is really screwed up in the good-old USofA if somehow labor is the cause of the issues with America. I can tell you, it's certainly not labor. It's you guys that F-ed up the whole deal! Heck we let you all have W as a president without a riots or court-battles for the good of the nation, and you drill us into war, deregulate everything, totally tank the economy, destroy the unions, piss-off on any environmental issue and make sh-t miserable for everyone. And you fight Obama on every little step forward. Enjoy what comes R2. The authors wrote, "Clearly, an African-American, mixed-race, liberal President may trigger President Obama has continued and extended most of the policies of his predecessor, appointed conservatives to key positions, defied liberal aims for health care reform, placed Wall Street bankers in charge of Wall Street regulation.

His foreign policy is based on assassinations. He has expanded Bush's spying on Americans, gone after whistleblowers with a vengeance, dragged his feet on closing Gitmo, ramped up the drug war Looks like a smarter, more articulate version of Bush to me. This country has not seen an actual liberal in the Presidency since Kennedy. Pro-corporate hawk. Conservative Southern Democrat. Pragmatist who sold out to wealthy donors on Wall Street.

Clinton imitator. Why do so many in mainstream media and academia pretend he's a liberal? A list of people that were not likely surveyed for this article: DR. That is not 'liberal' enough for you? Detroit and it's decent into economic turmoil from the W. Bush Typical. Blame Bush and ignore the decades of corruption by the sociologists leading MI and Detroit.

That IS the socialists solution. Fortunately socialist cities can't 'nationalize' companies like Cuba or Venezuela did. Government Unions, a great Progressive scam. Government Unions are nothing more than a arm of the Democrats. Government Unions are the foot soldiers, fund raisers, leakers of government information against Democrats enemies.

What is worse is that tax payers that pay for this. IF Government can be trusted, then why do the workers who run the Government need a union. Free the country, disband Government Unions. One thing I wonder about is how many Hezbollah Progressives are on this board. For example known sock puppeteer VD, will most likely be voted up by and mostly in the same order by deepsand, sinister 8 ball and 6 of It's always interesting that these other names crop up most often in the same order.

Could this be the same consensus that Prophet, or is that profit Al Gore keeps talking about? Or could this be the same WE as Obama keeps speaking about. Remember Progressives love to lie, cheat, steal, vote, and vote often. Is this coming from the academic research wing of the IRS? This is simply one more article from the"left" using their long litany of disingenuous propositions Even a mediocre comic has more one liners than this bunch. This time it's done under the guise of academic research.

The only thing "clear" here is that these profoundly dim witted academics are allowed to waste money and get away with it in public. CLEARLY it's time for these two to have their pay docked while an investigation determines what nitwit let them out of school prematurely. Somewhere they think they heard this, or they just make up a lie and see if it will stick. Here is what FDR actually said about govt works unions; "". Nothing not a damn thing. Here is what FDR said in general about an American Citizen's rights; "It is now beyond partisan controversy that it is a fundamental individual right of a worker to associate himself with other workers and to bargain collectively with his employer.

Of course the primary reason of government unions is to provide some protection from an every changing political leadership, and to establish professionalism and structure in government work. I don't know about your state, but in ours, every fed gov work I've met has always been a top notch professional. Same with the state works too.

It would be awful to loose these folk to appease R2. An idiot tea-party wingnut fool said Remember Progressives love to lie, cheat, steal, vote, and vote often. Well we only learned it from you. It dates back to Nixon. Or are you such a dim-bulb as to not know the history of your own party. Jun 25, People of Liberty party leader convicted of illegal relations with Child Prostitutes.

My, my RyggTard lies all the time. They will manufacture any lie they need to in order to defend their corrupt political Liedeology. I'm sure Nixon was motivated by the voter fraud that put JFK in office. Hersh also has written that J. Edgar Hoover believed Nixon actually won the presidency but in deciding to follow normal procedures and refer the FBI's findings to the attorney general—as of Jan. Kennedy—he effectively buried the case. I wish Hezbollah Progressives learned from conservatives. I wish Hezbollah Progressives learn honesty, dignity, caring, honor, respect, love of family and country, and the belief in hard work.

But mind you if a Hezbollah Progressive, or any Liberal Progressive learned those things, then they would be considered a conservative. Driving down the road one sees huge, well lighted sign for feminine protection products and a small, dingy sign for condoms. Why the difference? The former is out for blood and the later is just messing around.

Those opposed to tyranny need to stop messing around and defend our liberty even more tenaciously. What fresh hell is this? I hope you're on something because that's some seriously disjointed garbage you're gracing us with. Yes, he did: "The Government does not engage --of course, the words "collective bargaining" were unheard of in those days --the Government does not make contracts with any Government employee.

We people who run the Executive Department of Government as a whole are bound by the law. They can lay the case before the Congress if any change is contemplated in the lav!. That is where it is made. PreSident, do you think that Government employees should have the right to strike to enforce their demands? That is very simple. It is a very different case. There isn1 t any bargaining, in other words, with the Government, therefore the question does not arise. FDR Lib.

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And Reagan raised taxes. Your point? No R2, here is the point; it is a fundamental individual right of a worker to associate himself with other workers and to bargain collectively with his employer. If you find that objectionable, then there is no hope for you or your soul. The economy would shutdown without strength of the labor force and the unions for demanding fair compensation for work performed.

Its bad for the economy. Government unions have a purpose to protect government employees from the political influences of an ever changing political landscape. The political orientation of government union members has no bearing on the services they provide. The huge mistake that is happening in Wisconsin for example is that the wages and employee protection from politics for function of services is not negotiated.

Jun 26, Govt employees are paid from wealth plundered from their fellow citizens and controlled by politicians elected by the govt employees and the plundered. Oh, I get it, the union want to END the changing landscape and create the socialist state with no parties. FDR opposed govt unions because he feared exactly what happened in WI. Unions use their plundered dues to support socialist candidates who then in turn promote and support unions.

Govt for the unions and by the unions and the plundered peasants would not be happy with govt and rise in opposition. That's what happened in WI and the plundered citizens are now better off and trust in govt is falling. I'm sure Eric Holder will investigate sarcasm How about the poor hard working selfless public employee's, who can't get fired, get golden pensions, who investigate Obama's enemies, who can destroy a persons life, using Americans money to buy wine, porn, etc.

Another selfless, unfireable, union supported and protected, dedicated public employee. Health care in America is substandard. But of course in the Libertarian Utopia he wishes for America she would have died anyway unless she had enough money in her wallet to pay for the EMT for her services. But then we have the case of the private fire department in the U. They just let your house burn to the ground Libertarian style. Isn't that what Washington Lobbyists do?

Are Republican Senators and Congressman Unionized? You pay your taxes willingly don't you? If you don't want to pay for the benefits of being an American then you should head off to the Libertarian paradise of Somalia. What is keeping you, Libertarian Boy? Can't you afford to purchase a ticket? The Enemies of America. The fact that you are so mentally polluted that you don't, is your failure, and your bias.

Not theirs. Time and time again we have illustrated your dishonesty, your mental confusion, your revisions of history, and your willful misinterpretation of facts and scientific reality. This indicates that your claim that there is bias on the Liberal side is really just self delusion on your part. In summation. You are a dishonest, self deceiving, NutJob. Senate campaign, divorce records reveal that Illinois Republican Jack Ryan was accused by his former wife, actress Jeri Ryan, of pressuring her to have sex at swinger's clubs in New York, Paris, and New Orleans while other patrons watched.

The bombshell allegation is contained amidst nearly pages of records ordered released yesterday by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge who ruled on media requests to unseal documents from the Ryan case. The performer alleged that she refused Ryan's requests for public sex during the excursions, which included a trip to a New York club "with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling. The politician has repeatedly claimed that his divorce file--portions of which were sealed in and contained no embarrassing information that would harm his chances against Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

I have never encountered a Libertarian or Randite who wasn't a congenital and perpetual liar. There is no law on the books that prevents it. Poor RyggTard. He just doesn't have a rational grasp of how the world works. His mental disease prevents it. You know R2, that must have taken a lot of effort to compose this thought line; Govt employees are paid from wealth plundered from their fellow citizens and controlled by politicians elected by the govt employees and the plundered.

Man your view of a Govt employee is wacko. I suggest you go ask a Govt employee "are you providing the service we paid for". All will say "that and beyond! That is what America is all about. That is what America is all about my friend. You will find hard workers everywhere; be it the at the pinnacle of wall street, or the city park service gardener. Jun 27, XQ8IjL5d Follow us: thehill on Twitter TheHill on Facebook "Poor oversight by the Internal Revenue Service allowed workers to use agency credit cards to buy wine for an expensive luncheon, dorky swag for managers' meetings and, for one employee, romance novels and diet pills, an agency watchdog said Tuesday.

More than a half-dozen top leaders at GSA were immediately fired, put on leave or forced to resign. And stern rebukes came from the White House. As a private citizen, I can direct my funds to my friends and it is not stealing. In Government if I direct funds to friends, it is stealing taxpayers money to give to my friends. When the IRS is out of control, who's to blame? No one it seems. Government employees now regularly plead the 5'th. If Government employees need a Union because they don't trust the Government that they run, how can the general public trust the Government.

To save this country, we must fire the government unions. Jun 28, What is it with Republicans, nazi flags, rampant Racism, and Hate for Obama? AP — A man's decision to fly a Nazi flag outside his Connecticut home has prompted a visit from police.

Places: Los Angeles, California, USA

Sincavage, who flew a Confederate flag in the same spot several months ago, said flying the flag is his way of protesting the policies of President Obama. He said he has no plans to take it down. Nepotism Poor FreeTardo. No wonder he is so ethically challenged. His view of ethics is so course and incomplete that he simply identifies nepotism as "stealing" and uses that mis-identification as the basis of some faulty logic. If not taken they are often lost. Given your long history of lying and misrepresentation, RyggTard, can you provide any proof to us that this teacher was on "sick leave" rather than a "personal day"?

I didn't think you could. Management considers it "Team Building" They are right. Jun 29, I tend to agree. I think it depends on if you want a rational world, or one of irrational ism based on political over exuberance. R2 Tends to fall in the later as best I can tell. I wish I knew where R2 pulls all of his quotation from though. I could say Benjamin Franklin was one of America's best patriots, and he will argue that to not be the case based on tea party principles.

If anything, the Rygg has some Cojones, even if he is a wingnut. It is a big mistake to suppose, that the humans are predestined to create multicultural communities spontaneously. Such a mixing of cultures and races would kill the cultural and racial diversity instead and it will inhibit the natural competition - so that as the whole the resulting homogeneous mixture will evolve slower.

From the same reason the organisms form a diverse species, not a single homogeneous jelly covering the surface of Earth. Therefore the people will form racial mixtures if it will be advantageous for them, for example economically, but from long term perspective they will lose as a whole. We should realize, that the multicultural world is a product of economical globalism of international monopolies, which just struggle to achieve the free motion of labor force, but they don't solve the resulting social problems and transfer their solution to local government. In this way we all are paying the international companies for their cheaper labor force and higher profit.

It's irrational to want the US govt to follow the Constitution? I guess Hottie prefers the 'rational' destruction of the US to a complete totalitarian state by Obama and his fellow socialists. This would be the "totalitarian state" which Republicans and American's regularly claim is the freeist nation on earth, and a beacon of freedom and liberty for the entire world? Watching Faux news and listening to mindless Conservative Mouthpieces like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and the others has made your mind soft and is feeding your mental disease, TardieBoy.

You should take a Vacation. I suggest the Glorious Libertarian-Paradise state of Somalia, where you can see real freedom. American's regularly claim is the freeist nation on earth, and a beacon of freedom and liberty for the entire world? Every time I hear something similar from an american I can't help but think that it's like a North Korean saying he lives in the most free nation Its score is 0.

What a surprise, not. What freedoms do euros have that americans dont? Our taxes are lower, our cost of living is far lower on average, we have better health care, our gas is cheaper, we can own guns, etc. Even the socialist state of Chile does better. But that is ok because his source of "Freedom statistics", is the Heritage Foundation, an organization that still promotes smoking as a healthy lifestyle choice. Jun 30, Freedom is being allowed to say Homosexuality is wrong, Homosexual Marriage is wrong and not going to jail or being dragged to the human rights tribunal.

Freedom is not being forced to make a cake for a homosexual wedding. Freedom is not being forced to make a flower arrangement for a homosexual wedding. Freedom is being treated equally by the IRS irrespective of your political party. Freedom is not having the press fear that the DOJ will investigate you for reporting things embarrassing to the president. Freedom is being secure in your communications. Only an absolute idiot or a Progressive nut, can believe that freedom has not been lost in the last 5 years.

Are American's safer with this loss of Freedom over the last 5 years? Has lost freedoms increased our safety? Only an absolute idiot or a Progressive nut can say we have traded our freedoms for additional safety. Isn't that the kind of freedom you have been demanding in your mindless tirades against Unions? Homosexuals have the freedom to marry.

Your plan to limit their Liberty shows us how much of an enemy you are to true freedom and Liberty. He still thinks it is his Gawad Given right to piss in the pool. Sorry TardieBoy. You have never had that right. No rational person would. Poor FreeTardo. He is just one cock short of a chicken coup. Youi Poor Tardieboy Freethinking is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with Christianity. Jul 01, They want to take rights away and force business owners to support things they religiously oppose.

Remember religious freedom is in the constitution. Do you support laws that would arrest an Atheist who says anything derogatory towards a christian church? IF you are against any such laws, you are a hypocrite! Freedom is not being forced to make a flower arrangement for a homosexual wedding And this would also include the freedom not to bake childrens birthday cakes with xian symbols on top of them which glorify torture, martyrdom, and human sacrifice.

Or to serve people who perpetuate religionist lies, bigotry, and violence in restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, and so forth. This would only be retaliation mind you. So you read my post and posted right away. So why not ft? Why shouldnt there be laws against bigotry? Ill tell you.

Because bigotry is a core value of religion. Religion could not exist without bigotry. Until then they will be regulated by the state for the good of the people, and correctly so. That would be promoting one religion over another. Do you actually think before you write your nonsense? Absolutely mindless. A random series of thoughts disconnected from reality and from any logical connection with each other. Incoherent, Illogical, and Irrelevant to anything but an imaginary world.

You realize, don't you, that you will destroy phys. Remember that the US constitution frees the people from the shackles of religion. That is the important lesson the goofball freethink need to absorb in the one puny wingnut neuron he has in his brain case. I'm proud to stand with progressives because they are much freer thinking than he and and his conservative tightwad anti-women religiosity crap. Free think need to change shoes and go through that process even as a mental exercise, maybe we all should. To her, she didn't know what a watermelon was or its association.

There is a big lesson we all need to take home; that a country like USA has racism and we all need to fight against it. Jul 02, No, it prevents Congress from establishing a state religion and passing laws to prevent the free exercise of religion. Congress has violated the part about establishing a state religion.

The state religion is now atheism and Congress passes laws to prevent the free exercise of other religions. I was listening to NPR the other day, What a surprise! Hottie listens to state run radio. Jesse Jackson's business model is to shakedown businesses by threatening discrimination lawsuits. Eric Holder refused to seriously investigate black gangs attacking whites in Chicago and WI.

Racism is a wonderful tool for the 'progressives'. Otto, if you owned a store and you don't want to bake cakes with religious symbols on it and I wanted one baked, I wouldn't take you to court to force you to bake one, if you owned a book store and you don't carry the bible, I would not force you to, if you were a printer and you wouldn't print for a church, I wouldn't force you. Yet Progressive will take small businesses to court to force them to do so for Homosexual Marriage. This Proves Progressives are Hypocrites. Progressives hate the constitution Because it forces Government to leave People alone.

Progressives are the true Bigots, they want to force conformity with their values. See, because if I was allowed to get away with something like that then the guy across the street might want to stop selling to jews or black people, and we couldnt let that happen could we? Of course jews or blacks are not fairies which I guess in your mind is somehow different. This is why we have laws meant to restrict bigots such as yourself from discriminating.

This is reasonable dont you think? But we have yet to address the bigotry recorded in your books, which is clearly defamatory and inciteful.

Don't receive them into your house or even exchange greeting with them. I was allowed to get away with something like that then the guy across the street might want to stop selling to jews or black people, So? Then someone else will sell to them. Should all stores in Little The wedding cake baker in OR were set up by homosexuals. Their cakes were in demand around the area but the homosexual mob intimidated them and their customers.

In addition to the bakers, their customers are being intimidated not to buy a quality product. Too bad their neighbors and customers put up with the intimidation. And people who cannot buy food or gas where they live because of the color of their skin or the nature of their religion can just move, cant they? Or starve, or die. Thats not the way this country works rygg.

And thats why your free markets do not exist here or anywhere where there are govts that quarantee equal rights for everyone. Because sadly there are always people like you who would gladly take those rights away from people who dont look or think like you do. What's stopping a competitor? And if business is so good anyone can turn away customers, there is room for competition. And there will be people like the homosexual mafia in OR that try to put Sweet Cakes by Mellisa out of business.

Oh sorry I try not to interact with bigots. Is that bigotry? I dont know. And if you came into my flowershop I would tell you to go shop at the bigot-owned flowershop down the street. You know, the one covered in eggs and graffiti. Your assumption that every niche however small will be filled by some corporation that magically sprouts up out of nowhere, is another well disproved Libertarian Fantasy.

But since you choose to live in self imposed ignorance, you keep making that mistake as well. Jul 03, Same difference R2. An atheist has just the same rights as a person of faith. It's a well hashed over debate but the constitution provides protections from government from establishing a religion on people. That means by law, I'm not bound to any religion. It's as simple as that. That's BS. You can't treat the disbelief of religion as a religion for law.

All law would be meaningless if there wasn't a secular social component of the law. On this great 4th of July week and Egypt's new grand revolution against religious cronyism, recall the preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America; "We the People of the United States of America Yes, you can. The problem? He's an atheist.

According to the American Family Association, The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals "ruled that prison officials erred because they 'did not treat atheism as a 'religion. Agnosticism is a different story. So if an atheist can demand the state force Christians not to practice their religion in public then Christians can demand the state force atheists not to practice their religion in public. A local talk host had the right word for atheists who put up a monument beside the 10 commandments, obnoxious. Hottie, Independence Day celebrates the Declaration of Independence.

Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city
Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city
Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city
Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city
Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city Los Angeles Graffiti: Urban Angels Unite the Masses in Americas Anit-city

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